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Fire Extinguisher

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Industrial Fire Extinguishers that includes A B C type dry powder fire extinguisher, trolley mounted fire Extinguishers, (AFFF) type mechanical foam fire extinguishers, chemical powder type fire extinguishers and Co2 fire extinguisher.

CO2 is a liquefied gas , which is highly effective fighting B & C Class of Fires . These extingushers are ideal for areas where contamination and/ or clean-up are a concern , such as data processing centers, labs , telecommunication rooms , food storage and processing areas etc .


Carbon dioxide , Gases Agent , Colourless , Odourless. Suitable for Class B,C fire.
Manganese Steel / Carbon Steel (IS 7285 )
Screwed down / Squeeze Grip type
BIS approved
Maintenance should be done as per  IS 2190:2010 

Rail Yards / Warehouses
Construction Sites
Electrical Substation
Meter Room
DG Room
Power Sector

No electrical conductivity back to the operator 
No Thermal or Static Shock
Good Visibility during Discharge .  


Water Fire Extinguishers utilizes the penetrating , soaking and cooling effect of a 4 meters concentrated water stream for effective suppression of class A fires . It is an ideal low cost solution to provide class A protection from all fire involving freely burning material such as wood ,paper or fabric.

Only for fighting Class A fire
Dependable Drawn steel cylinders
High quality epoxy polyester powder coated
Brass Valve Chrome Plated Heavy duty 
Controlled Discharge
BIS Approved .
CE Certified .
Maintenance should be done as per  IS 2190:2010

Schools / Theatres
Textile/Wood Industry
Warehouses .

Easy and more economical to Maintain and Service .

Do not use on electrical fires .  

Fire is a calamity that strikes without any warning and wreak an unimaginable havoc. According to a survey conducted 80% of the most damaging fires occur during night times, weekends or holidays when no one is around. Hence an automatic Modular Automatic Fire Extinguisher operation is the only solution for round-the-clock protection against any kind of fire. Supremex Modular Automatic Fire Extinguishers are simple and economical solution for buildings or structures where detection and suppression piped systems prove cumbersome and very expensive.

How Do They Work?

When heat from an uncontrolled fire increases to a pre-set temperature of the unit, the fusible link releases, discharging the extinguishing agent. The release temperature of the extinguisher (fusible link) can be pre-set at works ranging from 57 deg C/68 deg C/79 deg C/93 deg C/140 deg C and so on. they require no external source of energy and it can be operated electrically manually or mechanically for their operation.


Salient Features

  • An Automatic Detection and Suppression System together in a single unit quite unlike any other system available in the market
  • Automatic round-the-clock protection
  • Available in individual units or as a Complete system
  • Automatic, hence no human involvement, reducing the chances of injury and accidents to virtually zero.
  • Proves to be the most economical w hen compared and no surface re-laying
  • Reusable cylinder as it is not based on aerosol technology. Hence, most economical
  • Non-Freezing & long lasting



Available with either ABC all purpose Dry chemical powder, purple k, ul listed abc powder , or HFC-227ea and HFC-36 (also known as FM-200TM, a regd. trademark of Great Lakes Chemical Corporation or as Dupont's FE-227TM, range of extinguishing agents.


Electro Piston Actuator (Optional Feature) :

Switch can be linked into the wiring circuit for electric operation with solenoid actuator. This additional special facility can be attached at minimum extra cost.


Mounting Arrangement (Optional Feature):

Mounting Arrangement can be designed for special application request.



In Industries of following Types : Powder, Textile,Chemicals, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Ceramics, Metal Processing, Vegetable Oil, Rubber, Wood, Paper and Pulp, Printing, Plastic, Paint, Computer etc. having special process hazards like Boiler & Furnaces, Fluid Power Systems, Oil quenching, Spray Finishing, Powder Coating, Dipping and Coating, Welding & Cutting, Grinding, Solvent Extraction, Conveyor Systems, Aerosol Charging, Transformers & Electrical Junction Boxes, Control Panels etc.


Applicability for General Occupancies & StorageAreas:

Like Storage of Flammable & Combustible Liquids and Gases, Grain Mill Products Solid Fuels, Records, Libraries, Museums, Showrooms, Shops, Offices, Residential premises, Workshop, Garages, Paint Booths, Theaters, Radio Rooms, TV Stations etc.



Cylinder Test Pressure
30 kgf /cm2
Stainless Steel / M. S. Plate Powder coated




Item Code: SE-MOD-CA-5

For Round the clock protection, for unmanned areas. Doesn’t require cumbersome piping ,easy to install , and available in Dry Powder and Clean Agent variants .Modular Fire Extinguishers are fitted with an automatic sprinkler valve , that can be calibrated to discharge at an ambient temperature of 57 degrees Celsius ,68 degrees Celsius, 79 degrees Celsius. They don’t depend on an external source of energy and can be operated electrically or mechanically for their operation.

An Automatic Detection and Suppression systems unlike any other system available in the market.
Dependable Drawn Steel Cylinders.
Automatic round the clock protection.
Available in individual or as a complete system.
Automatic, hence no human involvement , reducing the chances of injury or accidents to virtually zero.
Reusable as it is not based on Aerosol Technology, Hence most economical .
Non-freezing and long lasting.

Boiler Room
Pump Room
Diesel Room
Computer Rooms/Laboratories
Essential Communication Area
Server-data Room /Tele-communications
Hospitals-Medical Equipment’s
Sensitive Expensive Equipment’s

IRS approved Mechanical Foam Fire Extinguisher

Available Capacities: 6 Ltrs, 9 Ltrs & 50 Ltrs.

IRS approved Water Co2 Fire Extinguisher

Available Capacities : 6 Ltrs & 9 Ltrs.

IRS approved Co2 Fire Extinguisher

Available Capacities: 2 kgs, 4.5 kgs, 6.5 kgs, 9 kgs, 22.5 kgs.

IRS approved Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

Available Capacities : 6 kgs, 9 kgs, 25 kgs, 50 kgs,75 kgs.


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